When it comes to packing for your honeymoon, you can never be too prepared,No doubt your honeymoon will be dreamy no matter what, but a little savvy planning before your trip will minimize stress and maximize amour.Start making your packing list a week before you leave. By starting early this gives you time to add items and take items off as you lead up to when you are going to leave.First, make sure you have all of your travel documents: airlines tickets of e-ticket confirmation, passports, cruise or tour documents, hotel and rental car confirmations, and vaccination certificate (if required). Plan for the unexpected by making extra copies of your passport, travelers checks, itinerary, and other important papers and keep the extra copy away from the original.A good idea is to pack items which can have more than one use. Such as: a hair dryer with a curling iron attachment, an alarm clock and radio, a calculator and translation guide.Make sure to pack a few things in a carry-on bag just in case your luggage is delayed a day or two. Lost luggage is a relatively rare occurrence considering all of the bags the airlines process each day, but a beach is not much fun without your bathing suit and buying what you need at your destination can eat into your travel funds.Pack all your valuables, one change of clothes, non-perishable snacks, a small bottle of water, and your minimum toiletry needs in your carry-on incase your luggage gets delayed.

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