Here are some tips on how to protect yourself from harm while online dating.Try to be honest but choosy in giving your personal information. Choose screen name that is not close to your real name.way you can keep the online dating process relatively confined and private.Scammers use email to try and build an online relationship with you and they eventually profess their love. Once you do too, the scam kicks into high gear. An “emergency” (mother hospitalized, surgery needed) suddenly arises and they ask for money. Or they say they want to meet you, but need money to apply for a VISA to come see you. Mix-ups with your work email and chat services can be avoided. Of course, you don’t like very private, sexy, steamy email coming to or from your work address. If you like to go to a safety step further, insist on a double dating or a group dating for your first meeting. If you’re not at ease with group situations, have your good friend drive you to your meeting location. This good friend of yours doesn’t have to be your chaperone or sit with you.

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