You yourself might be a matchmaker at heart. If you find yourself constantly trying to get two single people together, then you’re probably an associate of Cupid! Sometimes, of course, a blind date can end up happily at the altar, while other times it can be a tragedy. When you set up a blind date between two people you know, you run the risk of one or both of them getting angry and hurt at you. Or, maybe they’ll be thanking you for your help in finding that special someone! Bad blind dates happen. Sometimes, you can see it just won’t work off the bat. But keep an open mind. It may just be a bad day or maybe its the weather. If you have an open mind who knows what will happen and at the end of the day, you won’t make the situation worse for the both of you. Relax and enjoy the day as it comes. If you feel that you do not have much in common, then try to find mutual ground. If you get along with your matchmaker darling, and you want to find things to talk about, then create new common interests – join a club, take up a hobby or try something that both of you can enjoy. If you do not feel that you have much to talk about at all however, and you do not get along well, then walking away is the best bet to avoid resentment. Some people love to play practical jokes on others. If you’re this type of person, keep your joke playing out of the romance department. For example, if you think it would be funny to set up a blind date with a guy who is a staunch Republican with a girl who volunteers for the Democratic party, don’t! While you might think it would be funny to see the sparks fly, you’ll probably end up having the couple

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