Avoid eating late at night. sometimes because we finished late at work, we apparently take our dinner late too. The problem here is because we don’t do too much activity at night. We might just watch TV and head straight to bed. Because there’s no energy is spent, this causes high sugar level in the blood stream and the excess sugar will result to fat stored under our skin.Try to get rid of junk food in our place. I know it’s not that easy to do but as you try it gradually, you’ll unnoticeably find out that you’ve get rid of bad eating habits.If you’re an alcohol lover Try to reduce your alcohol consumption. We all know that too much alcohol like beer in the body causes weight gain and fat in our belly.Moderation is the best way to go.If we really are serious in getting in good shape and lose those love handles for good, we need to get our butt off and perform a regular exercise. We can do this without eating much of our time and without going to the gym.We just really need to dedicate enough of our time to our health because it should be in our highest priorities in life next to our family.

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