Traveling with cruise ships, luxury cruises for a majestic travel experience. Planning a cruise vacation is complicated. From arranging the proper airfare to packing the right clothes to arranging shore excursions, there are many steps that have to come together smoothly for a memorable and enjoyable getaway. When going on a cruise, make sure to take a power strip with you, because most cabins only have one outlet. This way you will have extra outlets for your hair dryer, cell phone charger, electric razor, curling iron, etc. Don’t bother packing beach towels, they will be provided for your use on board the cruise ship as well as when going ashore. Have a supply of one-dollar bills handy for tipping airport skycaps and porters at the pier. Don’t pack photo film in checked luggage as airport screening equipment could ruin it. Put it in your carry-on instead. Airline carry-on restrictions are being updated continuously. Check with your airline before packing and be aware that purses often “count” as a carry-on item! Folding or inflatable travel hangers are useful if you need to dry out hand laundry or a bathing suit in your cabin. Tap water on your ship is perfectly safe to drink; purchasing bottled water is only necessary if you prefer the taste. Be sure you have the appropriate documentation to travel, and arrange to get a passport if necessary. Arrange additional travel plans including airfare or transportation to the port terminal as soon as possible to secure the best deals and avoid delays.
Investigate all cancellation and refund policies for airlines and the cruise line. For passengers whose travel plans may need to change at the last minute, travel insurance is recommended.

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